Operations Management

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Our Operations support focuses on helping our clients to transform the effectiveness and efficiency of their processes and to continually improve the core operation of their organisation.

What we do

We carry out interim and longer term Chief Operating Officer and Operations Management roles, typically for periods of over six months on either a full time or part time basis. We will work 'jacket off' style alongside the executive management team, doing whatever it takes to make your organisation successful. We will generally work on site, helping to develop an operations function, and can offer flexibility regarding the number of days used per week.


Cortexica Vision Systems Limited

Cortexica is a Fashion Image recognition company, founded in 2007 and spun out of Imperial College. Find Similar for Fashion is their mobile image search engine that uses images to search for matches within a client's database, saving the end user time and eliminating the frustration of having to trawl through the internet for hours, shopping online.

Brocksmoor Projects have provided a part time Chief Operating Officer role from 2010-2015. This assignment has encompassed the day to day responsibility for finance, HR, legal and IP operations, working with the company's professional advisors where appropriate. We have established a US subsidiary, co-ordinated multiple funding events, provided a Board Secretary function supporting them through a change of CEO and Chairman, a cycle of cost reduction measures and most recently a substantial and sustained growth phase.